Small Cute Purple Pointer

This is my baby. His name is Koby.
About ten years ago, I got him from a non-profit organization called Heavenly Creatures.

Koby was a stray dog from Labrador, Canada. Heavenly Creatures went to Labrador and rescued him and his brothers/sisters from people who were literally beating the hell out of them.

CHILDREN were abusing him and adults were abusing him. The thought still appalls me because who in their right mind would do that to a poor, defenceless creature? When heavenly creatures went to Labrador to get my baby for me, they found him in a huge dumpster (one he wouldn’t have been able to get in himself) along with his brothers and sisters. He was severely under weight and full of mud. It makes me very angry to think about because someone was kicking/hitting my baby for the fun of it.

The reason I’m writing this is because I think that people should support groups like this that are dedicated to saving animal’s lives. Instead of buying a dog, go adopt one who is in need of a bit of love. I’m forever thankful for Heavenly Creatures and I’m forever thankful for my baby.

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